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The F&F Team

The Fish & Fisheries Team

Andrew Wallace - Fisheries Director

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Andrew has overall responsibility for managing the fisheries programme but has particular experience in the area of freshwater fisheries and catchment management, a field in which he has worked for over 20 years. He played a key role in Scottish fisheries management through his work with the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards and, latterly, as Chairman of Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland. In 2015 he also took on the chairmanship of the Rivers Trust which represents the 55 rivers trusts operating in England, Wales and Ireland. He is a vice-president of the Atlantic Salmon Trust and a board member of the Freshwater Biological Association and FishLegal. 

Barry O’toole – Senior Fisheries Inspector

With recognised professional expertise in a number of areas including Environmental Health, Barry O’Toole joined the Fishmonger’s Company in 1992 and is now the Company’s Senior Fisheries Inspector. In addition to leading our Billingsgate Team, Barry is engaged in education and training and has experience of working with government, small and medium sized businesses and academia. He has been a senior lecturer on the London University circuit and is responsible for setting the BSc and MSc environmental science practical examinations. Working alongside our Executive Head Chef, Barry developed the Fishmongers’ five-star rated Food Safety Management Procedures. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety and Health as well as the Institute of Environmental Health, a qualified Structural Surveyor and former consultant for Acas. His daily presence at the heart of the UK largest, inland fish market, Billingsgate, ensures best practice there.

Robert Embery - Fisheries Inspector

Robert started his working life at old Billingsgate Market near the Hall and moved to the new Market in 1982. He worked for several merchants on the Market floor, rising from shop boy to fish salesman. In 1988, the Company employed him as Fishmeter, a case of poacher turning game keeper! Robert was deputised as a Fishmeter in 1989 and was handed his inspection and seizure powers under the Company's Royal Charter of 1604 granted in the reign of King James I. Robert still undertakes these duties and seizes products which are deemed to be "Unfit For The Food Of Man’s Body" in exercise of the Company's Charter.  He is also a MAFF (now DEFRA) appointed British Sea Fisheries Officer. This gives empowerment under various sections and articles of the Sea Fish Conservation Acts.

Alison Freeman - Fisheries Project Officer

Appointed in February 2017 specifically for the establishment of the Master Fishmonger Standard, Alison will be coordinating the Standard and initiatives that advance the trade. With a Masters in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Alison has played a key role in managing national and international fisheries-related projects and is an experienced entrepreneur.


Eleanor Adamson - Fisheries Projects Officer 

Appointed in March 2017, Eleanor will be working alongside the Fisheries Director to deliver projects under the new Fish and Fisheries strategy. As an academic with a strong international research background in the freshwater fisheries sciences, genetics and evolution, she will be providing expertise in research science, aquaculture, and citizen science engagement. Her most recent work was at London’s Natural History Museum.


Cynthia Baddoo - Fisheries Team Coordinator

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Appointed in 1988 as Secretary to the Chief Inspector and Assistant Clerk, Cynthia has broad knowledge of the Company’s operations and is an experienced office administrator, who has acquired knowledge of the UK Fish and Fisheries sector. Cynthia should be contacted for general Fish and Fisheries enquiries, grants and the Director’s business.