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Education & Grants

As with most Livery Companies, a large proportion of our resources is spent on support for education and other charities. The Company’s charitable ethos is entrenched in its history and present day activities, in many cases bringing practical support and tangible benefits to individuals and groups across our community.

The Company is the corporate trustee of a number of charities established by the Company or by other benefactors. The largest of these is the Fishmongers’ Company’s Charitable Trust (Registered Charity Number 263690).

For more than five centuries the Company has been closely involved with Gresham’s School at Holt in Norfolk, which was established by Sir John Gresham in 1555. The School remains the largest recipient of the Charitable Trust’s educational funding, and several members of the Company are Governors of the School. We also provide exhibitions and scholarships to a number of other schools and colleges, including for fish and fisheries related causes and for the arts (including music), and for medicine (the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Scholarships). In 1970, with the support of other Livery Companies and charitable organisations, we were instrumental in setting up the City and Guilds of London Art School, which we continue to support today.

The Company’s Charitable Trust also makes small grants to charities for the relief of hardship linked to the fish and fisheries or maritime sectors, as well as to a range of other charities whose activities fall within the Company’s guidelines for ad hoc support. Because of limited funding and in order to try to reduce the number of unsuccessful applications, in 2010 the Company approved new guidelines, reflecting its current priorities. Click here for the new guidelines

Within the Charitable Trust there is also a special fund called The Billingsgate Christian Mission Fund from which small grants are made in particular to charities assisting those engaged in the fish and fishing industries in the UK, as well as to medical research charities.  Click here for the guidelines.

Other Activities

We have close links with the armed forces, notably the Parachute Regiment, to a member of which we present an annual outstanding achievement award, the London Division of the Royal Naval Reserve and the Royal Navy's Fishery Protection Squadron.